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Memory of Galatea
Stadio dei Marmi, col.03
Stadio dei Marmi, col.01
Preis:428,75 EUR - Kollektion(en):
428,75 € - Memory of Galatea

Preis:129,00 EUR - Kollektion(en):
129,00 € - Stadio dei Marmi, col.03

Preis:129,00 EUR - Kollektion(en):
129,00 € - Stadio dei Marmi, col.01

Preis:129,00 EUR - Kollektion(en):
129,00 € - Stadio dei Marmi, col.02

Preis:172,00 EUR - Kollektion(en):
172,00 € - Villa Borghese

Preis:215,00 EUR - Kollektion(en):
215,00 € - E42

Preis:172,00 EUR - Kollektion(en):
172,00 € - barberini' square

Preis:129,00 EUR - Kollektion(en):
129,00 € - Angel at Vatican

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BildTyp::  Raumbild
Bildgröße:  350*350
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Giulio Patrizi

Giulio Patrizi, got a degree in industrial design, at the ?Accademia di Belle Arti. As soon as he finished his studies, Patrizi had a scholarship of the Poli. Design, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano, for the master ?Hotel Experience Design?: planning for hotel?s common areas.
After a collaboration with Chris Briffa, Maltese architect talent, he obtained an internal design project in Anversa.
Coming back to Italy he starts working with Massimiliano Fuksas in his Atelier in Rome where Patrizi operates in various projects.
In Rotterdam in 2007, Patrizi has participated to the Indesem2007 initiative, by the Architecture Faculty TUDelft, an international workshop about urban planning:?thinking Rotterdam in the next sixty years?. Furthermore, this event gave him the possibility to be part of a team work for the 3° Biennale of Architecture in Rotterdam.
Actually hi designed a travel event CONTACTO for ICE (Italian Institute for Foreign Trade), that asks him to design 20 masterpieces, one catalogue and a travel exhibition placed in Bari, Bruxelles, Torino, Milano.