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Angus, col.02
Price:20,97 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Wood
20,97 € - Angus, col.02

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Image type::  Room setting
Image Size:  350*350
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Wood-look wallpapers give your room the cozy atmosphere of a mountain parlor, the creative charm of a shabby-chic loft or the simple elegance of wood paneling.

In this category we have put together particularly beautiful examples of this design for you, regardless of the type of wooden wall you are enthusiastic about.

Wooden walls, wood decors and wood cladding have always been part of the interior of our living and business premises. The organic structure, color and grain of wood give us a cozy and familiar feeling like no other material.

While parquet or laminate flooring can be found in many rooms today, walls with a wood look are more of an exception. Certainly - and rightly so - this is due to the pine wood wall mania of the 70s and 80s, but new designs, materials and concepts are finding their way back into our own four walls.

Wallpaper with motifs or structures of wood grain, wooden planks, boards - whether natural or with flaking, weathered paint, bark, paintings on wood and much more are our alternatives to real wood / veneer wall. Clearly cheaper and deceptively real, these wooden wallpapers represent a real alternative.

Another advantage is certainly that a wallpaper can be attached much easier and cheaper and can be removed at some point.

Imagine how beautifully your room will change with such a wallpaper. You should also not embellish every wall with such a wood-look wallpaper. Often it is sufficient if you highlight only one wall or even only a part of the wall with such a wallpaper.

Let yourself be surprised and browse our range of these special wallpapers.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by phone or email. Or simply order a sample to convince yourself of the quality, color and texture of our wallpapers.