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Botho, col.01
Price:86,10 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Exotic wallpapers
86,10 € - Botho, col.01

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Exotic wallpapers

Foreign worlds, animals and plants - the longing for remote climes is great. The dream from afar is not a new dream. The longing for the foreign has a tradition, and this is also expressed in wallpaper patterns. Because what could be better suited to bring an exotic world into your own four walls than a wall dress with tropical motifs?

Opulent wallpaper motifs: lush tendrils and tropical fruits

The jungle is a popular motif on wallpaper: green tendrils and vines, a lush thicket optionally with palm fronds, bamboo, strelizien or the decorative leaves of the window leaf. Colorful flowers and strange fruits create an atmosphere of abundance and opulence.

The forbidden fruit can be enjoyed in your own room with wallpapers full of banana trees, guavas or burst seed capsules. It is therefore not surprising that a wallpaper bears the name "Frutto Proibito". It shows cute rhesus monkeys, which snack on exactly these forbidden fruits.

Strange animals, not just as animal prints

Exotic wallpaper worlds are populated by strange beings. They show all the abundance of tropical fauna - from sloth to panda. The high-contrast black and white of the fur pattern will also have played a role here. But the savanna is not neglected either: depending on personal preference, wallpapers show cute meerkats or majestic giraffes and elephants. As in the days of colonial big game hunters, animal prints serve as wall coverings: from the flamed tiger skin to the striking zebra and the finely rastered reptile skin.

Colorful birds bring life to the wallpaper as a symbol of lightness and playfulness. Whether parrot, hummingbird or flamingo - here you will find an animal world whose presence has something that is as calming as it is invigorating. The same applies to the illustration of tropical fish. Iridescent and colorful, they make their way on a Pacific blue background.

Exotic wallpapers with historical references

Exotism has a tradition. In past centuries, when travel was expensive, everything strange had the charm of rarity. And that was to be discovered. In the era of colonialism, more and more foreign goods came to Europe, and the travelogues of researchers and adventurers were read with enthusiasm.

For this reason, exotic wallpaper motifs are often not only a reference to distant worlds, but also a reminiscence of their own western past: they remind of a time when foreign wallpaper patterns played a major role in the houses of the nobility and emerging middle class.

East Asian inspiration - wallpapers with exotic art and culture

The representation of a sensational flora and fauna is only one segment of the foreign wallpaper motifs. Because the fascination for everything exotic extends in particular to foreign cultures and religions as well as their expression in art and everyday objects. Pavilions and pagodas, temples and Buddhas can be found on these wallpapers.

The East Asian region in particular seems to have a great appeal for interior designers. Numerous wallpaper motifs prove the popularity of Buddhism and its different forms: as a symbol for the distance, but also as a symbol of calm and strength, which should radiate a good facility.