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Seascapes for the wall

Wallpaper with nautical charm Maritime

Interiors convey a touch of freshness and space. With a wide variety of designs, wallpapers open up aquatic views - they direct your gaze to distant horizons, nautical accessories or fascinating underwater worlds. You can literally feel the sea breeze, hear the seagulls and the sounds of the choppy sea. Blue - the defining color of maritime wallpaper designs aquamarine, turquoise, azure - these are the tempting colors of water or sky. As a cool color, blue gives the impression of freshness and clarity. Blue has yet another property: it optically recedes.

It is not for nothing that artists rely on their colors to become blue in order to make the horizon appear further. This trick can also be used well in interior design. The use of light blue makes rooms appear larger. If you are looking for relaxation, sea green is the right tone. This additional maritime color has a stress-relieving effect and allows the mind to calm down. Underwater motifs - be divers in your own four walls Due to their cool colors, nautical motifs often conjure up a Nordic ambience. But there is another way: Whether the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific or the Caribbean - if you want to feel at home as you did on your last holiday in the South Seas, you can conjure up your diving paradise on the wall Children's room walls, transparent jellyfish float through the bedroom deep sea, colorful fish in bizarre shapes populate the living room oceans at home. If you like it even more fairytale, surround yourself with gracefully floating mermaids on shiny metallic wallpaper. It's so easy to get magic and glamor into the apartment! Watch out for seafarers - streamlined wallpapers for every boat class As on the seascapes of the marine painters of the golden age, sailing ships on maritime wallpapers play an important role. Wallpapers with impressive three-masters or sleek sailing yachts awaken wanderlust and a thirst for adventure. Woodcut-like fishing trawls, behind which gulls hunt, create a cozy holiday home atmosphere. But nautical instruments and accessories are also popular motifs: the compass indicates the right direction, the nautical chart protects against shallows and the anchor ensures stability. It is not for nothing that the ship was often seen as an allegory for life itself. Only those who steer it safely through all dangers can withstand stormy phases. Nautical attitude to life - very abstract Often, no maritime motifs are required to create a feeling of proximity to the sea and vastness. Simple color gradients in azure or jade green conjure up the haze above a mirror-like surface of water. Impressionistly shimmering dots or bright stripes amidst batik-like colored fields are reminiscent of light reflections on the sea. Those who fall in love with the charm of vintage and shabby chic will not be able to resist the attraction of splintering paint on old wooden planks. It doesn't always have to be real wood. But look real. The pieces of wood in fresh sea green give rooms the flair of a veritable cabin in no time. Storm-tested on the seven seas. It is best to browse our site. We are sure you will find your favorite motif and preferred color. Any questions? We would be happy to provide you with expert information. At the store, by email or on the phone. The best thing to do is to get in touch with us.