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Almendro, col.01
Charmaine, col.07
Price:40,26 EUR - Kollektion(en): - black and white
40,26 € - Almendro, col.01

Price:19,53 EUR - Kollektion(en): - black and white
19,53 € - Charmaine, col.07

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black and white

Contrast is key: dream combination of black and white

Classic, minimalist, timeless - with black and white as color antipoles you make a clear furnishing statement. The big advantage: black and white is not only very trendy, you can't go wrong with the two colors either.

Unlike in the 80s, when black-and-white design was usually very cool, the furnishing theme now comes up with a significantly warmer note. This is achieved by combining it with warm wood tones or soft pastel shades. If you do not want to implement the black and white look in your entire apartment, you are well advised to use wallpaper in this color combination. For example with black and white stripes - they provide structure and give the room a visual hold.

Linear wallpaper pattern with delicate pen stroke

Fine lines, as if drawn with a ruler, tight hatching that almost result in a gray area - no drawing is as effective as in high-contrast black and white. No matter whether curved ornaments or strictly delineated contours, the filigree patterns come into their own particularly well here.

What works as a drawing is also convincing as a sign. With text or numbers on the wallpaper, every wall becomes a black or whiteboard. And even if the handwriting cannot be deciphered, something meaningful always resonates.

From pin-up to herd of cows - wallpapers with figurative charm

Figurative representations have a special effect due to the pointed pen stroke. Whether pin-up girls or butterflies, watches, dog breeds or a whole herd of cows - what is captured on the wall with fine drawing exudes a tongue-in-cheek humor and gives the room a light and cheerful character.

Striking wallpapers with clearly defined areas

But filigree is not the only thing that stands out as a maximum contrast: black and white areas in clear delimitation are also a big topic in wallpaper design. Just as in the interior, zebra patterns or black and white cowhides captivate with their graphic appeal, wallpaper on the wall effectively shows block strips, triangular shapes or ellipses.

Wallpaper time travel to the 50s and 60s

Some designs have a hint of retro charm. Wallpapers with abstracted trees or cut fruit recall the clear design language of Scandinavian mid-century designs. Triangular prisms like in a kaleidoscope make one think of compositions by Charles Eames, striking ellipses in black and white conjure up fabric prints by Marimekko.

A handbag with a big eye emblazoned in a baroque frame - this pop art motif serves not only lovers of historical codes, but also friends of Piero Fornasetti, the grand master of the black and white decor. But it is also more realistic: for example on the wallpaper with black and white photos by Brigitte Bardot. An interior with reminiscences from the 1960s and a cheerful Côte d'Azur flair.

Vegetable shapes - classics in black and white

Flowers and vegetable shapes get an emblematic character in black and white and stand for timeless beauty. No matter whether as a Japanese-washed cherry branch, as an all-over print with roses and anemones or as a classic vase motif. Black-and-white silhouette-like arabesques also come into their own.

Whatever you decide: With black and white wallpaper you set a timeless accent that always comes into dialogue with its surroundings.