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Quintus, col.06
Price:63,84 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Wallpaper summer
63,84 € - Quintus, col.06

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Wallpaper summer

Summer love for the wall

One of our favorite books: "The Bright Days" by Zsuzsa Bánk. A summer in the country with long, mild evenings and swimming in the lake. How long were these summers of childhood! We always like to remember you. Here in the city, too, we have arrived in the middle of summer and indulge in rich colors and fun-loving patterns to serenade life.

Our favorite summer wallpapers shine deep blue like a lake in which we make our way. Others are golden yellow or red like the summer flowers on our country bike tours, accompanied by butterflies. The most varied shades of green are also part of the party and remind us of the shady forests of our hikes at the weekend.

The designs are varied and invite you to enjoy this season to the fullest. Apartments are now beautifully designed oases to find relaxation from the hot days in the city and to forget hot asphalt slopes. Regardless of which bright wall design your heart opens up, everyone will find their summer love with our wallpapers.