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Bumble Bee, col. 8
Price:82,60 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Trends 2013
82,60 € - Bumble Bee, col. 8

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Trends 2013

Now we have it officially: green is the trend - wallpaper trends 2013

The US company Pantone has declared the color ?Emerald? to be the trend color for 2013. A bright emerald green. The experience of the past few years teaches what Pantone does with this label, it keeps its promise. Green is in vogue. Of course, this also applies to attitudes towards our environment, but not only. Our clothes and our home should also be green! And what is better for clothing for our apartments than wallpaper ?! Especially since a wall design with green wallpaper is a clear feel-good factor. We combine the color green with nature, health and relaxation. It is the color of life and rejuvenation. We combine green with spring, fertile meadows and forests. In contrast to the stimulating effect of the color red, the color green has a calming and harmonizing effect. For this reason, it was previously the most popular color for living rooms and salons and is now the wallpaper trend 2013.

The positive effect on body and soul was already recognized by Hildegard von Bingen, the famous healer and doctor of the Middle Ages. And even today we go for a walk in the "green" to relax and strengthen our soul.

So bring nature and harmony into the house and design your rooms with wallpapers in shades of green.