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Here you will find links from various areas: for example, interesting topics relating to wallpapers and wall design, press releases, practical tips, as well as designers and friends.

Link: manager-magazin.de manager-magazin.de

Flocked paper, fine wood veneer, even ultra-thin sandstone slabs - the new wallpaper await with unfamiliar materials and structures. Golden metal accents, large patterns and bright colors replace the cool looks of the past reduced.

Link: Browns Hotel in Dartmouth Browns Hotel in Dartmouth

Relax in the center of Dartmouth Browns is a small, stylish townhouse hotel and bar in the center of Dartmouth. Smart, contemporary furnishings and unstuffy atmosphere make Browns at at ideal place to relax and enjoy Dartmouth and the spectacular South Hams coastline.

Link: Elli Pop Elli Pop

The Philosophy of Environment Elli Popp enjoys having a unique approach to production and quality. Designs maintain at intimate and personal touch. They are therefore tailored to meet specific requests whilst Allowing to exploration into changing themes, sizes, colors and repeats. The main idea is to be open to change and welcome new forms of beauty.

Link: MeisterMaler.com MeisterMaler.com

only if you like doing its job, it can also be good. Just when working on the site I went this idea through his head. He brings a claim, I ask myself and my team again. Not long ago, as I was by a very nice customer a book about Feng Shui bestowed with the title? If spaces smile ?. How do I find, a beautiful title that can encourage, worrying about his own four walls. Much of the book was already known to me or encountered some inspired me to try something new. You and your concerns are the focus, on the we engage sensitively and with a sense of solid and at the same time creative Malerhandwerk.

Link: Deutsches Tapeten-Institut GmbH Deutsches Tapeten-Institut GmbH

The German Wallpaper Institute GmbH informs the public about the benefits of modern wallpapers. In addition to press releases Brochures, videos, workshops and information for consumers and professionals are offered. (www.tapeten.de) The German Wallpaper Institute GmbH has since November 2008 at the Hamburger Ballindamm the showroom "change of scenery". Here you can experience the whole variety of wallpaper, in ever-changing design and always modern staging. (www.lust-auf-tapetenwechsel.de)

Link: goHome goHome

Walldesign exclusively available via TaptenAgentur

Link: Tapetenmuseum - Kassel Tapetenmuseum - Kassel

The Wallpaper Museum in Kassel tells the story of European wallpaper from the 16th century to modern times. Worth visiting !!! located

Link: Richtig tapezieren - Henkelhaus Richtig tapezieren - Henkelhaus

How it's really nice - the little counselor for wallpapering. Are you planning to paper your living spaces? A good decision, because the large selection of wallpaper styles, and colors opens up countless -patterns creative possibilities. In addition, wallpaper lend every room a very special ambience. If you know how to do it, wallpapering is a cinch. This guide will help you as easily and securely as possible to get a perfect wallpapering result.

Link: inke.nl inke.nl

Tip !!! Silhouettes of vintage wallpaper.

Link: markanto.de markanto.de

Markanto one of the leading addresses when it comes to design in the German Internet, here you will find design classics, re-editions and new products from renowned manufacturers and designers.

Link: Malermeister - Kiwall Malermeister - Kiwall

"We wholeheartedly dedicated to the service of our clients to us. As a painter, operating with 40 employees, we perform painting work for our customers conscientiously. Reliability, technical expertise and delivery reliability have with us always the highest priority. Whether complete new installations of thermal insulation systems, classic painting or the creative interior design - we are always there for you -. Because our sense of living your heart "!

Link: bild.de bild.de

Living wallpaper as television Imagine your living room wall is the gigantic television, and yet at the same time for extravagant lighting. What sounds like distant future, already taking in Japan to take shape. Electrical giant Toshiba has the Paper televisions? namely recently presented in a study.

Link: ShowRoom-Hamburg ShowRoom-Hamburg

Amidst the design and furnishing mile Ballindamm located wallpaper show now at its best: In regularly altered scenes dive interior fans into the world of modern wallpapers. Artistically staged, inspire to stylish

Link: fem.com fem.com

Link: www.geomix.at www.geomix.at

Paper ceiling is partner thing
Wallpapering a ceiling, is home improvement as a "lone wolf" often too big a job, because the upholsterer must on the ladder working overhead. This can lead to pain, especially in physically untrained people in the neck area.

Link: Paletta Paletta

Paletta is a new and innovative concept true to the trend? Upcycling new from old ?. No mass production, but limitation is at the forefront. There is a apartes, unique handmade from used pallets. This is a stylish coffee table, fascinated by the functional design, technical perfection and harmonious proportions and only original with branded? Paletta? Logo is! But not only the tried and the stability of this table make it so special: it is the timeless design, combined with a touch of unknown stories!


According to the motto: 'Space is in the smallest hut!'!
Heimathafen, Cologne has been offering you a wide range of professional services in the field of interior design and event decoration for over 10 years! You should feel comfortable in your home port, whether an evening at an event or in your own home!

Link: decor 8 decor 8

Launched in January? 06, decor8 is a design blog dedicated to sharing Decorating Ideas, Interiors, independent art and design, products and services, and to inspire readers to live a more fulfilling, creative life.

Link: stern.de stern.de

Dispute over color, deadlines and wallpaper every three years underscore the heating - or only when you move out? And what about the wallpaper: paint over or remove? The courts have often taken tenant before unilateral renovation obligations in protection and flipped numerous clauses in leases. But the landlords are increasingly discovering loopholes.