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20,00 € - Masking Tape Set, WAMON

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Masking Tape

The original mt masking tape or the smallest rolls of wallpaper of the world!

In the original tapes of the company Kamoi Kakoshi Co. Ltd. of Japan is colorful decorative tapes rice paper (washi tapes).

Already in 1923 the factory produced reliably and according to traditional crafts flypaper and later "masking tape" made of rice paper, the properties of painter's tape rather similar.

Meanwhile, they are made with a variety of patterns, colors and designs and developed as the smallest in the world wallpaper.

Only the original combines the features like: precise printing, removable without residue, fine texture and application experiences since 1923rd

Designers, artists and lovers of beautiful things have mt Masking Tape chosen in Europe for trend product with cult status. With mt masking tape can be decorated, wrapped and accentuated.