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Nausika, col.10
Darius, col. 8
Marieberg, col. 4
Price:56,95 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
56,95 € - Nausika, col.10

Price:47,95 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
47,95 € - Darius, col. 8

Price:222,60 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
222,60 € - Marieberg, col. 4

Price:49,05 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
49,05 € - Ubba, col.05

Price:47,95 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
47,95 € - Adrian, col.06

Price:58,50 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
58,50 € - Knock Knock, powder blue

Price:74,95 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
74,95 € - Notker, col. 04

Price:52,20 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
52,20 € - Pina, col. 4

Price:115,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
115,00 € - Mask Slate

Price:263,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
263,00 € - Sequenza Sea

Price:79,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
79,00 € - Virginia Ginger

Price:107,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
107,00 € - Luxor, col.01

Price:57,95 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
57,95 € - Svian, col. 8

Price:57,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
57,00 € - Gabrielle Bordüre, col. 4

Price:89,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
89,00 € - Hanami, safran

Price:84,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
84,00 € - Vector, col.02

Price:108,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
108,00 € - Kamal, col.02

Price:135,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
135,00 € - Kacheltapete

Price:75,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
75,00 € - Komovi, col. 60

Price:108,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
108,00 € - Mykonos, col. 40

Price:169,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
169,00 € - Cathrin, col. 04

Price:69,95 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Blue
69,95 € - Norman, col. 05

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Image type::  Room setting
Image Size:  350*350
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blue wallpaper texture:

Texture is another factor to consider when buying blue wallpaper. The most popular options are matte, satin, and glossy. These wallpaper textures are not too noticeable, which means that your eyes will be more drawn to the pattern or a certain shade of blue of your wallpaper.

If you're looking for something a little stronger, the blue fabric or satin wallpaper is a good choice. This wallpaper is luxurious and will look great in a room with a glamorous or elegant style motif. If you are looking for something really unique and fun, use 3D embossed wallpaper.

Try it out in a playroom or in the finished basement to create a unique spin on a simple wall.

blue wallpaper pattern:

To connect your room together, choose a blue wallpaper that has a pattern that matches your decor. If your room has a minimalist or contemporary theme, it's best to stick with plain-colored blue wallpaper, but feel free to go wild in choosing the texture!

If you choose a modern retro or mid-century theme, your best choice is a bold geometric pattern or abstract wallpaper. Floral wallpaper would look particularly good in a child's room or in a young teenager's room.

If your room has a rustic country style, choose a blue paisley wallpaper or a wood / hip pattern. Wallpaper that takes the look of rustic wood textures can be a welcome look in a rural kitchen and goes well with white furniture, furnishings and butcher tables.

Do not hesitate to get creative with the placement of your wallpaper. Blue wallpapers in bold patterns and colors can set an example and make an otherwise boring smaller room that feels quirky and fun!

The great thing about wallpapers is that they can be replaced when styles come and go. Whether you love bold styles, patterns or textures, blue wallpapers can add a lot of different dynamics to your space.

If you're renovating your home or just renovating a room, there are plenty of blue wallpaper options that will enhance the look of your room.


Blue, the color of the sky stands for intelligence and serenity. A light blue wallpaper creates in your rooms wide and airy effect. In combination with white Blue is the color for the maritime theme and brings the sky and the sea into the house.