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tapagentur_shutterstock_70388440 - Bordeaux 8440 - Bordeaux

Bordeaux'84 | Silent City Solarisations | Ingo Krasenbrink Design | A


Summer 1984, with the small 250 Honda across France. It was believed that we would never come back healthy.

Through Maastricht, Amiens, Nantes via La Rochelle to the Atlantic. After my friend Rike and I enjoyed the Atlantic in Cap-Ferret for seven days, we thought we recognized Charles Aznavour in the host. We dreamed it enthusiastically because he sang the most tender songs on the piano every evening, in the voice of the master. So we decided to conquer Bordeaux too. The city of wine barons, warmth and beauty. That was more than Paris. In a side street we discovered the Citroën. A symbol of the serene elegance of this city and a beautiful homage to the south of France in recent days.

An illustration on wallpaper, to enjoy, laugh and chat.

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