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Oasis, col. 50


Make every room in your home a special oasis of relaxation and ease of being! With the photo wallpaper Oasis you can transform your wall in no time at all thanks to the practical wall adhesive technique into a place full of palm trees and exotic tendrils, leaves and grasses. As a background behind the couch, as a delicate eye-catcher in the dining room and in the winter garden, or as a living picture on the wall if you do not glue the photo wallpaper all the way to the corners - one thing is certain with the exotic non-woven wallpaper: liveliness, warmth and the fragrance distant worlds moves into your four walls!

The photo wallpaper Oasis is delivered to you in the standard size of 3.50 m wide and 2.50 m high. Do you want them to be smaller or larger? Enter your desired dimensions when ordering and you will receive a custom-made product for you. Please note that in the case of very small dimensions, only sections of the motif may be visible.

Special dimensions possible . The wallpaper is too big or too small? This motif can be made individually for your wall. Please contact us and we will make you a free, non-binding offer.

The price is for custom-made products
38.50 EURO / qm incl.VAT, plus shipping.

Please note that depending on the special size, only sections of the motif may be are.

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Price: 124,90 €
incl. 16.0% VAT  excl. Shipping
per m² 14,27 Euro
Size: 350.0 cm Width x 250.0 cm Height
Delivery time ca.: 
Germany: 13 - 15  Days
no pattern available



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latest wallpaper trends




350,00 x 250,00  cm