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Price:129,00 EUR - Kollektion(en):
129,00 € - Being Parrot

Price:129,00 EUR - Kollektion(en):
129,00 € - Swan in Love

Price:129,00 EUR - Kollektion(en):
129,00 € - Little Chick

Price:129,00 EUR - Kollektion(en):
129,00 € - Cock

Price:129,00 EUR - Kollektion(en):
129,00 € - Stoned Owl

Price:129,00 EUR - Kollektion(en):
129,00 € - Punk Spirit

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Karolina Snigurska

Karolina Snigurska alias Karla, sprung from a simple working-class family in 1980, from the bosom of the Polish Upper Silesia, with black coal in Grandmother's basement, flourished in the first nine years of her life in the tenth floor of a Ratiborer prefabricated, with more continually lebensgefährdendem elevator. This danger defied, sat the little Karla in a cold, snowless January night in 1990 their right Moonboot across the German border. With a blink it was spring become the new country, one after another. The time verhädderte be an ornament in Karla's hair in a pink loop and accompanied the girl to some more or less rain school stops. The school bus stopped recently at a smoky stop FH Augsburg, Faculty of Design. She jumped in 2002, when moderate wind from west to east, courageous step from the lowest step of Schulbuses with their cosmopolitan flip flops out in flight the obese driver goodbye waving and ended in 2008 with both feet in the rain Artist's Life. A passer-by with a walking stick and Karohut taught grin that herangewucherte a gestandenem wench Miss Karla, she could at from this and any other blink, Dipl. Call (FH) communication designer and the world with its charming little Wimpernklimpern, pink bows and oh yes, conquer artistic talent the world. And so it happened, from the young lady was a woman.