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Price:116,20 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Sandberg
116,20 € - Harvey, col.91

Price:71,89 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Sandberg
71,89 € - Muriel, col.04

Price:102,70 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Sandberg
102,70 € - Muriel, col.81

Price:71,40 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Sandberg
71,40 € - Camillo, col.03

Number of Images:  18
Image type::  Room setting
Image Size:  240*240
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its own style - Scandinavian design, classic, relaxed and with a lot of ease and inspiration - simply wonderful ... Philosophy.Quote / Sandberg;

Hand drawn Scandinavian design

Our wallpapers were designed in the hope of making a beautiful home with a story even more extraordinary. Our story lies in the details - details made possible by first drawing each piece entirely by hand. For every design you see, we go through numerous sketches and ideas until we reach that unique Sandberg expression that can truly convey the story each design should tell.

Sandberg wallpapers cover the entire spectrum of classic and modern Scandinavian design. The inspiration for color and design often comes from the Swedish landscape and the nature that surrounds us. From the northern lights to the beautiful archipelago along the coast and down to the deep forests of Småland. We find beauty in the untouched,

Imperfect, overgrown and savage. Our patterns also pay homage to our historical and cultural heritage. Another time we are in the old archive with patterns from the past that find inspiration in the present to create new and timeless forms of expression that will endure long into the future. The result - contemporary premium wallpapers in Scandinavian style. Classic and beautiful, with a story.