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Price:132,30 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Stripe wallpaper
132,30 € - Octopus, zandvoort

Price:62,16 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Stripe wallpaper
62,16 € - Tissu, col. 02

Price:132,30 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Stripe wallpaper
132,30 € - Octopus, mc

Number of Images:  18
Image type::  Room setting
Image Size:  240*240
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Stripe wallpaper

The stripe wallpaper - a classic par excellence! Whether narrowly striped, with extra-wide block stripes, horizontal or vertical stripes: the stripe wallpaper is available in many variations and is often combined with a matching pattern or plain wallpaper.

The block stripe in particular is often combined with classic ornaments and used as a base wallpaper.

Other classics are the fine pinstripes and the Stresemann stripes, which we also know from men's fashion and which look particularly classy.

Multi-colored stripes with different distances, gradients or irregular thicknesses are modern, these are often available in particularly bright colors. Some models have also integrated additional elements such as floral ornaments or graphics, here the advantages of the pattern wallpaper are optimally combined with those of the stripe wallpaper.

With a striped wallpaper you can skillfully accentuate your living space and achieve a deep or high spatial effect by arranging the wallpaper correctly. Your room will visually gain height if you select the stripes vertically. Due to the horizontal processing, the room can appear lower, but is also stretched into the countryside and can deliberately underline a long hallway, for example.

You can process most stripe wallpapers horizontally or vertically. An additional advantage of the wallpaper with stripe pattern is the often free processing, so you save on waste and require fewer rolls.