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Color matters - the right tone for every type

It is the color that determines whether we feel comfortable within our walls. If you like straightforward architecture, make a clear statement with the basic colors blue, red and yellow - because they make the wallpaper the protagonist. Spirited beings like to surround themselves with fiery colors like orange or copper. More romantic minds, on the other hand, prefer a cooler palette with aqua, mint and purple shades.

Restrained shades of gray such as anthracite, stone gray or taupe convey a touch of refinement. Light natural shades such as ocher, sand, beige, eggshell or ecru set accents and ensure elegance and well-being. Gray-white or black-and-white contrasts underline the graphic conciseness and lend the wallpaper puristic objectivity.

"It is healing to surround yourself with colored things. What pleases the eye refreshes the mind, and what refreshes the mind refreshes the body"

Prentice Mulford (1834-1891 American journalist, philosopher and writer)

In which color direction should you go?