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Wallpaper trends 2022
New wallpaper
Always trending...
Country wallpaper

? Wallpaper as a mural ?
Exotic wallpapers
Tropical flair in your own home.
Modernism rediscovered
Midcentury Modern
scandinavian design
Contrast is key
Soft pastels
Men's wallpaper
Shabby Chic wallpaper
The beauty of imperfection.
Industrial chic
Trend color copper
Copper Age to your home decor.
Want something new
Wallpaper trends 2020
Want something new
Wallpaper trends 2019

Fresh wind for your apartment
Cultural mix
Ethno and folklore
really trendy
animal print
A trend with tradition.
Top wallpapers
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latest wallpaper trends

Here we present the latest trends that we keep updated with close cooperation with the trade press.
We also check out the upcoming trends and the designers at the various  trade fairs to help you give new ideas.