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Aloes, col. 06
A Vicennia, col. 08
Graphique, col. 04
Price:123,60 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
123,60 € - Aloes, col. 06

Price:130,60 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
130,60 € - A Vicennia, col. 08

Price:76,05 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
76,05 € - Graphique, col. 04

Price:76,05 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
76,05 € - Color Field, col. 06

Price:76,05 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
76,05 € - Op Art, col. 03

Price:76,05 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
76,05 € - Academie, col. 01

Price:98,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
98,00 € - Thackeray, col. 3

Price:108,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
108,00 € - Courtney, col. 6

Price:98,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
98,00 € - Mawton, col. 8

Price:107,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
107,00 € - Orange Tree, col. 4

Price:108,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
108,00 € - Lerena, col. 9

Price:108,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
108,00 € - Annandale, col. 5

Price:108,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
108,00 € - Osier, col. 9

Price:107,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
107,00 € - Chiswick Grove, col. 8

Price:89,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room

Price:94,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room

Price:114,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room

Price:107,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
107,00 € - GLADIS AMPARO

Price:105,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
105,00 € - GRADA AMAZON

Price:97,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room

Price:49,35 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
49,35 € - Only blue journey, col. 90

 - Kollektion(en): - Living room
Price on request - CANARY

 - Kollektion(en): - Living room
Price on request - AVALON

 - Kollektion(en): - Living room
Price on request - AREA, FLAT BLUE

 - Kollektion(en): - Living room
Price on request - ANNA MAY, ROSE

 - Kollektion(en): - Living room
Price on request - ALBERI ZEN, GREEN

Price:154,99 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
154,99 € - LUCKY OS

Price:271,97 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room

Price:223,23 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
223,23 € - TIE TAMI

Price:340,20 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Living room
340,20 € - SHOJI BLOSSOM

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Living room

Buy living room wallpaper

The living room is the heart of the apartment. A place to feel good and relax. A space to receive guests. There are lavish family celebrations or cozy TV and game evenings.

The living room creates an island for relaxation - with friends or alone. This multifunctionality allows the design concept to fulfill several attributes at the same time. Find our suggestions, examples and ideas for the design of your living room here.

The wallpaper - wall design as an expression of personality

The design of the walls forms the framework for our furnishing style and thus also expresses our personality. Therefore, when choosing living room wallpaper, you should carefully consider which furnishing concept you are pursuing. Whether elegant or natural, opulent or straightforward - the right wallpaper for the living room is an important stylistic device and largely responsible for the mood and atmosphere.

Floral wallpaper - floral patterns bring the garden into the house

Flower patterns are the classics among the motifs. With their floral charm, they ensure naturalness and liveliness. The range of styles is almost inexhaustible: winding arabesques, abstract silhouettes or delicate scattered flowers. Depending on your preference, you can choose from opulent baroque bouquets or filigree Millefleurs that you can only perceive up close. However, floral wallpapers have one thing in common: they create a fragrant, light atmosphere and form a lively background for any type of interior.

Graphic wallpaper - clear shapes create structure

Squares, triangles, circles - if you have a soft spot for order and structure, you choose geometric shapes. Classic block stripes, honeycombs or rhombuses can also be found in this style. Thanks to their serial arrangement, they calm the eye and provide reference points in the room. Depending on your preference, it can be a generous op art motif or a fine grid that is so small that it looks like a surface from a distance. Hard-edge color patches demonstrate clear edges, soft-edge color gradients create gentle gradations.

Opulent wallpapers - extravagant patterns add glamor

It is the lust for the big appearance that distinguishes opulent wallpapers. Lush flower tendrils and historical quotes add glamor. Everything reminiscent of the large decor and lavish lifestyle of earlier ruling dynasties is celebrating its renaissance here: hunting scenes, putti, historical vases and amphorae. Those who surround themselves with opulent wallpaper indulge in a glamorous lifestyle and furnishing style: silver, gold, festive violet and mysterious emerald green are the extravagant colors of choice.

Scandinavian wallpaper - style purists with Nordic charm

What distinguishes the shape of our northern neighbors is a clear look, the reduction to the essentials and a harmonious proportion. Wallpapers with Scandinavian patterns and designs form an aesthetic background for the living room without playing in the foreground. If you like it light and yet safe, you are in the right place with Nordic motifs. Perhaps it is precisely because of their originality and their roots in folk art that Scandinavian wallpapers create such a captivatingly natural atmosphere.

Color matters - the right tone for every type

It is the color that determines whether we feel comfortable within our living room walls. If you like straightforward architecture, make a clear statement with the basic colors blue, red and yellow - because they make the wallpaper the protagonist. Spirited beings like to surround themselves with fiery colors like orange or copper. Romantic minds, on the other hand, prefer a cooler palette with aqua, mint and purple shades.

Restrained shades of gray such as anthracite, stone gray or taupe convey a touch of refinement. Light natural shades such as ocher, sand, beige, eggshell or ecru set accents and ensure elegance and well-being. Gray-white or black-and-white contrasts underline the graphic conciseness and lend the wallpaper puristic objectivity.

Of course we have a whole lot more samples of different styles ready for you. Take a look around on our site. We are sure you will find a pattern that you can get excited about. We would be happy to provide you with information. At the store, by email or on the phone. It's best to get in touch right away.