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Yoyo, P1.09
Yoyo, P1.01
Preis:68,85 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Yoyo
68,85 € - TOUCH THE SKY

Preis:461,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Yoyo
461,00 € - Yoyo, P1.09

Preis:358,60 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Yoyo
358,60 € - Yoyo, P1.01

Preis:390,20 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Yoyo
390,20 € - Yoyo, U1.09

Preis:501,70 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Yoyo
501,70 € - Yoyo, U1.07

Preis:461,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Yoyo
461,00 € - Yoyo, P1.03

Preis:223,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Yoyo
223,00 € - Yoyo, R1.11

Preis:512,20 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Yoyo
512,20 € - Yoyo, P1.05

Preis:461,00 EUR - Kollektion(en): - Yoyo
461,00 € - Yoyo, P1.12

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Bildgröße:  350*350
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logo YOYO

YO2 is a young powerful company under the supervision of creative director Pericles Liatsos. The reason for creating YO2 is to have fun and truly love what we produce but primarily to create designs that differ from the mass so that the people who love our products have genuine design to choose from. The products are being created to cover both the commercial and residential sectors leaving their unconventional stigma of design philosophy and add a beautiful touch of modern baroque influence.

At YO2 we are only too serious about the quality of our products, the environment and the continuous research for innovative materials. Daring to change and innovate is a prime characteristic of the team. All YO2 personnel have degrees from the most famous design schools worldwide including Domus Academy Milan, London Metropolitan University, the AA School of Architecture, Manchester Metropolitan University, Rome’s Quassar just to mention a few. YO2 produce Carpet tiles, Rugs, Upholstery fabrics and high end Wallpapers.