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On our website we offer a large selection of wallcoverings from national and international manufacturers: whether photo or retro; vintage or modern; floral or stripe, our coverings suite all tastes. Change your living room walls and decorate them beautifully with contemporary or traditional coverings from England, France or Italy. As so many young designers are constantly working on new wallpaper designs, we can frequently offer you extraordinary and fanciful wall coverings.

You can find our own brand "gohome" under the section "Edition".

Have fun browsing! We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Tapeten Cole & Son Tapeten Cole & Son
Acquario, col.30 - Fornasetti by Cole & Son
Tapetenkollektion Jean Paul GAULTIER 2017, wallpaper collection Jean Paul GAULTIER 2017 Tapetenkollektion Jean Paul GAULTIER 2017, wallpaper collection Jean Paul GAULTIER 2017
Tapeten bien fait - Palermo Tapeten bien fait - Palermo
Tapeten - Shabby Chic Tapeten - Shabby Chic
Shabby Chic
The beauty of imperfection.

there is hardly a magazine or blog that have not yet reported on Shabby Chic. But what exactly is Shabby Chic? The trend comes from England and was coined early 90s by Rachel Ashwell.

The writer describes a mix of old, new and curiosities. Bargain from the flea market. More ...

Tel .: 49 (0) 221 932 81 82 | Office / Hotline: Mon. - Fri. 9.15 - 13.00 & 14.00 - 17.00 | Showroom.Cologne: by appointment only.

Philosophy: a sense of style and spirit of discovery 

Sense of style and spirit of discovery - Murals Agency. If you are looking for a unique wallpaper, you are well advised with us: Since 2003, we are operating the wallpaper Agency - a company for an audience with a particular sense of style. Designed as an online platform and shop with wallpaper of all sorts and sizes from all around the world. Our Cologne-based wallpaper Agency has quickly built a reputation as a supplier of exceptional designs and with the best quality.

Whether industrial look or midcentury modern, opulent floral print or classic stripes - the wallpaper Agency invites you to go online and onsite for a browse and to be inspired. We  directly import designs from the other European countries, the United States or Australia and distribute from here in Germany. Our clients include individuals who enjoy creative interiors as well as business customers from the interior design or film studios,production houses.

Service: Comprehensive consulting and largest delivery reliability are important to us

In addition to the huge range we offer, our 9-member team puts huge value on a service that provides you unconditionally and puts the customers first. During our shopping we ensure that no trend goes unnoticed and we always have cutting edge wallpapers which are on offer.We also take care of order processing, logistics and delivery care for a fast delivery.

Upon request we can provide you with a  trained interior designer and two consultants,who can help you with the decision.We are avalaible all day by phone and the  showroom is open in the afternoon with appointment. We love to answer all your queries  about the different textures of the wallpapers,or it comes to finding suitable existing moodboard, matching designs for you or to give you ideas that are stylish,modern with concrete proposals.

To offer something special and also to utilize our own creative potential, you can chat with "Time to go home," their own collection - trademark is the famous "Caviar" -Tapete. The collection "Selected" provides small labels with a good podium and often showing unusual designs which leave the plane and conquer by embroidery or applications dimensionality. The so-called "Edition" combines the designs from other sectors such as creative photographers, graphic designers and illustrators, which are then implemented by us.

The discovering of small highly creative design studios such as Miss Print London or Tres Tintas Barcelona is one of the most exciting part of our concept. This avant-garde under the wallpaper makers always bring new ideas to our product range and enriches the wallpaper agency with an innovative spirit.